We understand that each patient is an individual with physical, emotional and financial requirements. We are committed to listen our patients
and design a treatment plan for each individual patient according to his or her requirements.
We would like your first visit to go as smooth as possible.
If you have had x-rays taken recently by your previous dentist, it would be very helpful to call that office and request your records be transferred to: 

Jeremy M. C.  Kwon  D.D.S. and Associates

sr116910 N. Main Street, Building 6B Unit 46, Granger, Indiana 46530
Phone : 574-247-2521
Fax: 574-271-7566
Hour: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8:30am to 5pm
As a result, your appointment will go more smoothly and will eliminate the need for costly
repeat procedures.  
Thank you for your interest in Jeremy Kwon D.D.S. and Associates.
We are committed to care for our patients in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The objective of each treatment plan will be:

To keep his or her dentition healthy
To keep our patient out of pain
To improve his or her chewing ability and speech
To create smiles that last a lifetime
To guide our patients in developing an economical plan, if necessary
To help you speed up the paper work we have created a pdf of the necessary paper work you will need to fill out before an appointment