Sargon Dental Implants Immediate Tooth Replacement

Sargon Dental Implant Process:

You can improve the quality of your life during a brief one-hour dental appointment.

If you are one of the millions of people who are affected by a dental condition that prevents you from enjoying simple day-to-day activities such as smiling, laughing spontaneously or even dining in public, Sargon® Dental Implants are the right decision for you. Here are just some of the advantages of this implant:

  • No more long healing periods
  • No awkward and embarrassing removable dentures
  • Replace a single tooth in one simple easy step
  • The cost of this remarkable treatment is comparable to that of a fixed bridge

What Makes the Sargon® Capable of Immediate Tooth Replacement?

Older cylinder or screw-type implants require healing periods of 4-6 months in order for bone to attach itself to the implant prior to placement of a fully functional restoration.


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Due to the innovative engineering of the Sargon® implant, our unique expansion feature has the ability to achieve maximum stability and immediate fixation in bone. This technology allows the bone healing process to occur while a tooth is in function. 


The Sargon® Dental Implant has a patented design and is manufactured in the United States under the highest FDA standards.


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Traditionally, one of the most common solutions offered for replacing a missing tooth (or teeth) is the creation of a bridge.

This old-fashioned appliance is connected to the adjacent teeth by grinding them. Although common, this method is very compromising and can gradually destroy the structure of your healthy teeth.

The use of the Sargon® Dental Implant to secure your appliance in place is the best and most modern solution A multi-center research study published in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry reported an extremely high success rate compared to that of other implants. Results showed 98.9% success in fresh extraction sockets and 93.9% in healed sites with an overall success rate of 96%.


Today the most advanced method for replacing an individual tooth is a free-standing implant with its own crown, just like any other natural tooth. You can have an implant placed with a crown in full function in as little as 1-hour.

This treatment eliminates the long healing periods of 4-6 months and will help you avoid costly second surgeries, bone augmentation or sutures commonly associated with standard implants. By choosing the Sargon® Dental Implant as a solution to your dental needs, you are empowering yourself to make a decision that is best for you based on an educated comparison of the different treatment options.

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Under normal circumstances a Sargon® Implant can be placed right into the socket of a tooth that has to be extracted.

This eliminates the need for invasive and uncomfortable surgery and the involvement of bone grafting.

Thanks to this scientific evolution in implant design, you can have a tooth extracted and a Sargon® expandable dental implant placed during the same

visit. This is a near miracle. Imagine your new tooth being functional the same day. SOME SAY IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, OTHERS SAY IT’S ABOUT TIME!

Usually a provisional crown can be placed right onto this implant, allowing a patient to leave the dental office with a natural looking tooth within an hour or two.